9apps for desktop

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Features of 9app for desktop

Offering opportunities to the users to download 9apps for pc and games, the 9Apps store is the best alternative for Google play store and all the other stores. Most significantly, this store helps the users download all the premium apps for free. It makes the store so popular in the country.

If you like trying out the handpicked games and apps from the huge Android apps market, then 9apps is the best for you. In case you are addicted to it and if you can’t survive without it, then you may also enjoy the 9apps games on your Mac OS or Windows PC. With 9apps you may discover diversified and funny Android games and apps of good quality everyday making your desktop full of colours. You may easily download 9apps APK on your desktop. 9app for computer offers all the apps and games which are offered by the mobile version.

Features of the desktop version of 9apps

9apps has a lot of features which aren’t available in other app stores. Below are some of the most important features of the desktop version of the app store.

1. Malware and virus protection- you can depend on 9apps completely for virus free content. Since all the content hosted is scanned twice before it is updated. The available files on other app stores may contain viruses and malware which might ruin your desktop.

2. HD Content- the videos, wallpapers, stickers, etc. offered on 9apps store is of high quality. They do not compromise on quality. They try their best to offer best content to the users. You may download the wallpapers for the desired size of screen, irrespective of the content you’re downloading. The videos which are hosted on 9apps are available in 3 resolutions that is high, medium, low. It totally depends on you which resolution you want to pick.

3. Consumes less space- the app does not require much space on the device. It requires just 2MB space which is very small in comparison to games and apps they offer.

4. Multiple and faster downloads- the files which are downloaded on this app, download faster as the app employs the latest advanced technology for enhancing the speed of the internet connection. You can download multiple files. So, you don’t need to wait for the download to finish before going to another app.

5. Free of cost content- 9app for desktop offers content free of cost. This app offers all downloads for free. There are no hidden costs. Some of the apps also have the paid versions on the other stores, but you can download them from 9apps store anytime for free. Another good part of this store is that you can anytime check for the older versions of the app which lets you pick any of the previous versions suitable for your desktop. So 9apps install for Desktop is easy and quick. It offers a number of apps and games for free. All these things make it so popular throughout the world.