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9aap is quite a versatile one icon application that can be downloaded on any mobile which has Android software. It’s a very powerful tool to get access to a number of apps through one single operation.

Every day the users can easily download a number of apps with nominal fee for downloading particular apps like the Amazon shopping app, Anti-virus, YouTube downloader, etc. Along with apps, there is also a facility of downloading different kind of games, songs, movies, sports, etc. It’s an all-inclusive app which contains a lot of things. Money and time consumption is also very less.

Features of 9aaps

  • It’s like a search engine which offers different apps and games to the users
  • All the apps may be searched as well as downloaded with just a single click
  • All the apps are displayed on the home screen. You just need to scroll the tab in different directions for searching for the app or to see the various apps available
  • All the apps are easily available in the 9aaps store as it is the all in one app store
  • 9aaps store can be easily downloaded on any Android mobile or tablet and even on desktop
  • Once it has been downloaded, it appears on the home screen
  • All the apps which are available on the 9aap store are displayed on the screen with different icons
  • You may download any number of applications but everyday 3 apps per category will be displayed in the store as recommendations
  • All the 3 apps would be under every category and there will be new apps everyday
  • So every day you will see new applications and you may easily download them for having them permanently on your desktop or mobile
  • The new applications would be available to all the sub-categories like Sports, Games, Movies, etc.



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