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Download 9apps APK App Free

Apps have become an integral part of our lives today. We can’t survive without them because for each and everything we have and use an app. Google Play store has been the biggest player in the market of app store by far. But, now it has got its rivals now which include the 9Apps store. Just like the Google Play store this play store also helps the users to download the popular apps for free. It is gaining more and more popularity in the country.

You will find apps for booking movie tickets, booking hotel rooms, booking cabs, for buying stuff, etc. You will also find apps for entertainment from where you can easily download games, ringtones, videos, wallpapers, movies, etc. There is end number of apps which you can download and use without paying any fee.

Founded by the Alibaba Group, 9Apps has its headquarters in China. It is slowly getting at the top position as a mobile commerce platform.

9Apps is basically a tool which lets you download different multimedia content to your phone directly.
What needs to be one of the biggest strengths of the 9Apps store that is downloading apps actually is just an average one because of a minor issue. You cannot download and install any of the apps from within. Instead, 9Apps would redirect you to the Google Playstore. This truly voids the significance of the 9Apps store. On the other hand, the official Uptodown app lets you download the APKs directly.

There are pros and cons of this portal. On the contrary, it is useful to find out and download different fun ringtones and wallpapers. However, you cannot download games directly. So for some users, it is quite useful, while for others, it is not so useful.

How to download 9apps for free

From the primary interface of the 9apps, you would be able to find search option right below you would find the navigation bar having the app, name home, game, sticker, theme, ringtone, wallpaper, video after which you would see listing of the entertainment, tools, social media, communication, video, etc.
You may search for the app you are looking to download if you know the name of the app. You just need to write the app name in the search tab and click the search tab. You will get all the relevant apps in front of you.

If at all you don’t know the name of the app, just navigate the categories for 9apps fast download.
The 9apps APK app is absolutely free of cost. It is a stupendous tiny app store which needs Android or maybe higher for getting installed in any compatible operating system devices. As it is recommended to download this free of cost app store, it is also suggested to know about the miscellaneous yet important things related to this app.

The license has been made free of cost for this app store. It is supportive of the operating system Android with minimum requirement of 2.3.3, 2.3.4 or maybe higher. It’s available in in not just 1 or 2 but total 14 languages including the English language. It’s absolutely safe as well as secure for all the users. Another important thing about the app is its size which is only 1.99 megabytes. It just takes a couple of seconds for being installed on the concerned device by taking very less space on the smart phone. It helps you in enjoying its various benefits and that too without any extra charges or cost.
Downloading the 9Apps store is very simple. You just need to follow the simple and easy steps for completing the download and start enjoying the biggest app store of the world.

• Open the Google web browser

• Now just type 9appsinstall.co.in and then press enter to start searching for the app store in Google search

• Log onto 9Appsinstall.co.in with your username and password

• Click on download tab which would be available on the appstore website

• Click on install tab and the appstore will start installing

• You can complete the install by just clicking the finish buttonThis is how simple it is to download this appstore

This is how simple it is to download this appstore.

Why Choose 9apps App for your android and PC

9Apps store is slowly becoming the most popular Android app distribution platforms. It has helped users with an easy and quick access to apps and games. It is being used by users throughout the world in countries like India, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil, Middle East, Southeast Asia and all the other urging markets. It is available in 7 different languages and now has a monthly active user base of 250 million and more than 35 million regular app downloads.

You will find a wide range of apps in the Google Play store. And when you have so many options, you are tending to get confused. Also, it is quite common for the users to not know about the safety of the app. You never know which app might contain some malicious viruses that may cause harm and affect smooth functioning of these devices.

With 9Apps store you can be sure about the security and safety of the apps available. Each and every app which is available on 9Apps store is checked for security through different tests. At the first stage of the test, the app is thoroughly scanned to check for viruses. Next, it is scanned for all malicious codes. This helps in offering security to the application users. In short, all the applications that are available on the 9Apps store are completely safe and secure for the users to install.

Some reasons why you should choose the 9Apps store:

User friendly:

The 9apps store offers a comprehensive and an in depth cooperation opportunity which includes SDK integration testing, guidance, technical assistance for localisation and financial consultancy also.

Huge and dominated:

With a wide user’s base, this app store also helps in distributing the apps throughout different countries as well as areas, even well matched with Google play.

Cost efficient:

As compared to the other stores, the user acquisition on the 9Apps store is much more cost efficient. You can easily get good quality users with a low cost and also get a second time bonus.


They also offer customisable promotion programs to the partners. Through various partnership programs, they are well equipped for meeting as well as delivering on the needs of user’s acquisition, branding, monetisation, etc.

Recommendations- this app store will offer recommendations to you when you don’t know which app needs to be downloaded

Fast- it offers a faster downloading speed, auto resume downloading and support pause

Rich in the content- enabling the E life with some exclusive benefits, multimedia content and interesting news updates

Data saving– data compression for helping save on the data costs

Young- the UI are designed for the young users, routine creative promotion activities available

Qualified- good number of good quality, latest and exclusive apps

Benefits of download 9apps:

Below are some advantages that the users experience when they download the 9Apps store on their smartphones or the Android devices.

Since this app store consumes very less storage space, it does not affect the performance of your device. It even helps the device in improving its performance by cutting the storage used by the apps short.

It suggests all the latest and new APK apps


It also enhances the downloading speed of the apps and you don’t have to wait for a very long time for the app to download

This app store is basically built on a very well designed user interface in such a way that it looks brilliant


The apps are listed under different categories as well as subcategories. This helps in making the search easier and the users achieve better results. Different filters are available for enhancing the search experience of the users.

This is the best part of this store. All the apps available here are free of cost and you don’t have to spend even a single penny

It is the one stop destination for all Android apps. You will find every single Android app here

Ease of usage- this app store employs a very easy to use interface. Thus, the users who don’t have a deeper knowledge on the apps may also employ it easily.

Superior level of security and safety

9Apps consumes additional space for blocking the malicious applications as well as malware from the app store. But, it makes the apps absolutely safe and secure

Works on approximately all the versions of the Android Operating System

It is available in fourteen different languages. This makes it even more convenient to use for people who don’t know English.

The users may download and also enjoy the videos, games, ringtones, films, wallpapers, etc. from one single store.

Having different apps, this app store also works as a one stop destination for multiple apps

According to the statistics, the normal users download and employ 30 applications on an average. This number keeps on increasing for the avid internet-users and the game lovers. Multiple applications consume the internal storage of the device in large scale causing a major effect on its performance. The users may easily overcome this with the help of 9apps download. Further, the users may access and also enjoy different other applications in this app store.

Unlike the other application stores that offer applications alone, the 9Apps offer different games, movies, videos, etc. online. Additionally, the wallpapers and ringtones suiting the requirements of an individual are also easily available on the store. The Android App package files or the APK files also make it so popular. The users may download the APK files from the app store. This app even suggests you the latest apps and thus you would never miss out on any of the important updates.

Features of 9Apps!

Below are some of the significant features that you would enjoy when you would install 9apps:

1. You can easily and quickly download the apps of your choice. The app store has categorised the apps into categories and sub categories. These apps are mean to fulfil the needs of the users.

2. It has also enlisted a wide range of entertainment videos, games, movies, etc. You can enjoy all this and more at one single place.

3. It offers complete security to all the users. The app store takes extra care for securing the privacy and data of the users. No harmful applications or the malicious codes are listed on the app store.

4. It works on all the Android versions which start from 3.0.1 and higher. According to the statistics, more than 80% of Android users use Lollipop, KitKat and other such versions. Thus, it is not an issue at all.

5. Different types of filters are available for searching for the apps. Different filters make it quite easy for looking for your favourite apps. It is a huge help especially when the users are not sure about the app you want to choose or when you don’t know name of the application.

6. Availability of the APK files. You will not find so many APK files anywhere else.

7. Collection of the ringtones, stickers, wallpapers, etc. in the app store. The users may even find a lot of stickers, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. You may set the ringtone with the help of an app, put up wallpapers on your phone, and use stickers for messaging.

8. Advanced technology- this app store employs an advanced technology for offering fast and quick experience to users when you download the apps and you can also enjoy other services.

9. Easy to use and install- you may finish the installation in just a few clicks. The application is very light and thus it just takes very less time to install.

10. Consumes less storage of the device of the users. The size of the application of 1.99 makes it light.

These are some of the important features which make 9Apps one of the best app stores globally.